appointment, power of

appointment, power of
See power of appointment

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • appointment, power of — A power that is conferred upon a donee to dispose of the donor s property by nominating and selecting one or more third parties to receive it. The property may consist of tangible items like cars, boats, and household items, or it may consist of… …   Law dictionary

  • appointment power — legal authority to select and install people into available positions …   English contemporary dictionary

  • power of appointment — power of appointment: a power granted under a deed or will authorizing the donee to dispose of an estate in a specified manner for the benefit of the donee or of others general power of appointment: a power of appointment which the donee may… …   Law dictionary

  • power — pow·er n 1: capability of acting or of producing an effect parties of unequal bargaining power 2 a: authority or capacity to act that is delegated by law or constitution often used in pl. commerce power often cap C&P: the power delegated to… …   Law dictionary

  • power — The right, ability, authority, or faculty of doing something. Authority to do any act which the grantor might himself lawfully perform. Porter v. Household Finance Corp. of Columbus, D.C.Ohio, 385 F.Supp. 336, 341. A power is an ability on the… …   Black's law dictionary

  • appointment — The designation of a person, by the person or persons having authority therefor, to discharge the duties of some office or trust. In re Nicholson s Estate, 104 Colo. 561, 93 P.2d 880, 884. See illusory appointment power of appointment. The… …   Black's law dictionary

  • power of disposal — An expression used in reference to the power of one other than the owner of property to dispose of it by will. See power of appointment; power of sale …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • appointment (of all or part of a trust fund) — England, Wales The exercise of an express power (contained in a trust document and called a power of appointment) by the trustees of a trust, to direct (or redirect) the trust fund in favour …   Law dictionary

  • appointment — I (act of designating) noun allocation, allotment, assignment, authorization, certification, charter, choice, decree, delegation, deputation, designation to office, dispensation, distribution, installation, naming, nomination, order, ordination,… …   Law dictionary

  • power of advancement — England, Wales A power that enables trustees to pay or apply capital to, or for the benefit of, a beneficiary. Trustees may apply capital for the benefit of a beneficiary by creating new trusts for him (a settled advance). A power of advancement… …   Law dictionary

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